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Gallis London masterfully blends a love of luxury into iconic street wear. We draw inspiration from international street-styles whilst capturing and celebrating the cultural diversity of our streets of London. A love of contemporary art, compelling cinematography and musicians of a hip-hop and rock 'n' roll variety heavily influences our brand design and direction.

Our androgynous and minimalist style caters for both the sexes, with bold yet modest designs allowing for self-interpretation and individual expression. We aim to encapsulate the needs and desires of both the dissident dresser and trendsetter with the delivery of timeless statement pieces.

At Gallis London we pride ourselves on perfection, each piece is enriched with refined qualities and features, from the use of premium fabrics to finely handcrafted details.

We believe in balance, we live by one rule, quality over quantity.


Founded in early 2013, Gallis London was created out of love of headwear. Created by one man with one dream, Gallis London was built with one purpose in mind and that was to create the finest luxury headwear brand in the world. His goal was to create an element of true timeless and iconic style that could be worn by any one, therefore creating a feeling of identity and unity.

Whilst often finding himself hunting in some of the top fashion capital cities in the world such as London, Paris and New York. It was becoming increasingly obvious that there was a lack of either style, quality or fit. Upon the realization of the clear gap in the market the decision was made and Gallis London was born.


We recognize the ever-developing merge between catwalks and urban styles that has now evolved into luxury street wear.

Our vision is simple, to create a brand that pushes the limits of modern convention, adapts and remains relevant in time. We are driven by our unquenchable thirst for perfection, culture, and a natural urge to be seen and heard without saying a word.

Join us while we will continue to march forward and evolve, not just as brand but as a creative unit of significant substance bringing you fresh and unexpected concepts.

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